Stuff you really don’t need to know …

… but since you are here you might as well read on to gain knowledge.

Disclaimer: I have no clue to what extend any of these facts are true but my source is I was just plain bored in the office and so decided to create a compilation for that unsuspecting reader who might stumble by my blog.

  • The United Nations recognizes 179 international citizens, people born at sea or in airplanes whose parents were from two different countries.
  • Profit from the sale of Star Wars toys could have covered three times the cost of making all six movies.
  • A hairy back is inherited from the mother’s side.
  • Lasers were originally developed for cooking.
  • 62 percent of Oscar winners can be genealogically traced to a common great grandmother who was born in 12 A.D.
  • The common notion that most people only use one quarter of their brains was proven true in 1958 by Soviet scientists, in a series of grisly experiments on petty criminals.
  • Bottle nose dolphin pods will attack, and often kill, members of their group that exhibit pedophiliac tendencies.
  • Plans to build a blizzard safety hut for climbers near the peak of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley had to be abandoned because it could not be made wheelchair-accessible, as required by law.
  • For the most part, typing skills are inversely proportional to salary; meaning, the more money someone makes, the worse they are at typing.
  • An average person has $4.03 worth of gold in their body. Dolphins have the highest naturally occurring amount of gold; each has on average $8.67 worth of this precious metal.
  • Nearly 90 percent of lottery tickets are sold to people living below the poverty line
  • For their 10-year anniversary in 1931, White Castle hamburgers gave away thousands of “White Castle Knights” membership cards. One of the benefits bestowed upon the bearer was 5ยข hamburgers for life. While only eight cards are known to still exist today, White Castle continues to honor them.
  • As a joke, an AT&T employee set up the number 666 to forward calls to George W. Bush’s campaign headquarters last October. It was in place for three weeks before it was discovered.
  • The number of toothpicks in a box is only accurately reported 71 percent of the time.
  • Shoes were the first articles of clothing invented.
  • More relationships end in the period from February 1st to February 13th than any other time of the year. ( It’s almost February. So lets make the most of it ๐Ÿ˜€ )